Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 20: We've Turned a Corner

Today we turned a corner.  Or, turned a floor.  Or something like that.

We finally got the floor installed over part of the mezzanine.

Earlier this week we hit a rough patch.  I am pleased to report that we have successfully worked through issues with the lighting, material delivery delays (a couple of critical timbers), some budgetary concerns, and probably something else that I'm forgetting about (because it's resolved and therefore crossed off my mental (and physical paper) list.)  

We are, as they say, moving on.

Will you just look at that floor?!  Isn't it exciting?!

Here we are standing at the top of the stairs, looking towards the front bedroom, through the smaller of the two openings to the floor below.

This is Dave, the highly skilled genius carpenter/framer peopleguy, working at the top of the stairs.  He clearly enjoys his work, and is among the best framers I've ever worked with.  His whole crew is quite exceptional.

The underside of that part of the mezzanine forms the entryway.  The front door is (will be) to the right in the next picture:

The rest of the mezzanine floor should be fully installed tomorrow.

Here I am, inspecting:

At the end of the day we were visited by a mucky creature, up from the depths of the pond:

The water level of the pond is very low - things are pretty dry and they could really use the rain around here.  

Farmer Jo seems to think the pond has sprung a leak.  Apparently, the way you fix a leaky pond is to get pigs.  The pigs wallow around in the mud and pack it down, filing in the cracks and stopping up the leaks.  Farmer Jo also made it abundantly clear that she is not about to get pigs.  She seems to have her hands full with the myriad horses, donkeys, and dogs.

I wondered whether Mr. Turtle was off in search of more watery accommodations.  

He would be happy to know that, as far as I'm concerned, after the windows & doors get installed, starting tomorrow (yay!) I don't care how much it rains.

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  1. Interesting spaces and window arrangements, just based on the frame. Must be exciting.

    I used to enjoy playing at housing constructions sites in my neighborhood as a kid. There were lots of fun spots to to hide and things climb around on. And although the builders and owners might not have approved had they known about it, we were pretty respectful; I don't recall anyone damaging anything. My favorite thing was trying to get up onto floors that had no stairs leading to them yet! Heh.