Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 19: Back on Track

Today was definitely back on track.  Still no mezzanine floor, but they will start up on it tomorrow morning.

Which means I'll be standing on my mezzanine tomorrow!


Let's see what they did today:

First, they built the mezzanine stairs! Even though there isn't a floor on the mezzanine yet, there is a stair up to where it will be.  This is very exciting.  Now you can go upstairs!  Just be very careful, and watch your step at the top.

Here we are at the top of the stairs, turning and looking back:

Turning to the right, you can see the main post that holds up the roof, and the larger front area of the mezzanine beyond.  The floor joists are ready to have flooring planks laid on top of them.

Turning further to the right, we are facing the direction we would be in, if we had just arrived at the top of the stairs.  At the very bottom of the picture, you can see 2 joists where flooring will go.  Then there's a beam, and then an opening.  The room beyond the opening is the front bedroom.  This is a fairly complex space.

Now we are downstairs again, looking towards the front bedroom, with the stair on our right.

Finally, here we are standing in front of the door to the front bedroom, looking towards the stairs.  Scroll back up for a second and compare this with the very first picture.  This is one of my favorite views in the whole house.

So, things are definitely back on track.  Moving forward!


Today's extracurricular activity consisted of watching them unload a couple hundred bales of hay:

The hay will feed the horses and donkeys through the winter.

They have this conveyor that brings the bales into the loft.

Today was a good day.

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