Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 30: A Successful Tour!

I'm writing this on Day 31, being Sunday, September 12th.  I am going to make a greater effort, moving forward, to get these updates out earlier in the day.  Today we're going to look at wood flooring up in Knoxville, and I may get some welding in later in the afternoon.

Today's post, however, is about yesterday's fun day of showing the house to some special guests, who drove from Atlanta and Nashville.


The morning had some rain and started out rather soggy and gloomy.  The forecast called for it to clear up, and then have more storms moving through in the evening.

It did clear up, and we were treated to the sight of a pretty substantial flock of Canada geese on their migration south for the winter (except that when we saw them, they were headed due east.)  If you click on the picture, I think you can see the geese in the bigger version.

The Casey family arrived a little past 12, and we had a fun time hanging around the barn, looking at the animals, and just enjoying the sunshine.  Ryan brought his Architect Peopleguy hardhat.  The picture doesn't show it but it has his name on the front.  He looks very official in it.

Trey showed up around 1, and it was fun seeing he and Jenn meet for the first time, in real life.

Trey was part of the crowd I hung around with last July at OCON, and Jenn, Bren, and their family are part of my new group of Atlanta friends, who I have met through the Socials they have put on through the Atlanta Objectivist Society.  We're all part of a larger crowd of internet-friends who seem to be all gradually meeting each other in real life, lately.  So it was fun to play host to their meetup yesterday.

After a little more outside animal-nose-scratching and nail hunting, we went inside and looked at the house.

I finally got to show off my steel brackets.

We got into the wine...

And after a bit of conversation and relaxing with wine, we decided it was time for the kids' pony rides.  First, it was a lesson in horsemanship from Farmer Jo.

Morgan went first.  She was fearless, and had a great time!

We all watched from the side.

Livy found a wooly worm and examined it.

Trey extended an olive branch (or something like that) to Twinky the donkey.  They became friends.

Livy had a turn on Lacey the horse as well.

After pony rides, Farmer Jo showed us some tricks, which included Aria the horse making funny faces.  This got lots of laughs.

Ryan and I went over the blueprints and compared them to the house, which was a lot of fun, too.  He determined that the house looked exactly like the drawings.  I guess I've done my job!  I thought it was pretty close, and now I'm glad to have independent confirmation.

After pony rides, the kids explored the hay loft...

...and then it was time for them to all come down, and they loaded up and went home.

A great time was had by all!  You couldn't have asked for a nicer afternoon.

Later, right on schedule, a huge storm blew in.

But this morning it all cleared up.  Now if I can just get that roofing guy to finish so I don't keep having to look at puddles in the house...

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