Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 48: Finally! Drywall!

Things are rolling along.  After what seems like a couple of really slow weeks on the project, (although I have managed to say pretty busy,) it's getting really fun now.

Before I get to the good stuff, here's some general catching-up stuff:

The other day I woke up to a very heavy fog...

...which gradually lifted.

The fog was preceded by a lot of heavy rain last Sunday and Monday.  This was great for Farmer Jo, who needed the rain for her animals, but not so great for me, since the roof decks still did not have doors installed.  While I was on the South roof deck, stapling plastic sheeting over the doorway yet again, I noticed, to my horror, that the first window in the line of clerestory windows didn't have the necessary waterproofing tape applied over its nailing flange.

Click this pic to embiggen and look along the left side of the window.  You can see the nails.  That's not good.  They should be covered with wide, black tape.

The dreadful implication is that perhaps the entire line of windows isn't taped.  That would be extremely not good.

Thankfully, I have been taking lots of pictures, and we were able to refer back to this one from Day 24, which shows that the tape was, in fact, installed.  That's one of the reasons you take tons of pictures of everything during a construction project.

Then the bath tub arrived, and I got to play Quality Control Watchdog yet again.  The drain had a little marred spot on the rim, near the edge (right by my thumb in this pic.)  I was annoyed by this, since The Clients paid extra for this drain, to get the finish to match the faucets we had picked out, and here the finish was flawed.

So, I got to call the sales lady peopleguy at the kitchen & bath showroom and arrange to have it replaced.  She was great about it, and they had it in stock.  When I went to the parts counter to pick it up, the parts guy brought me the replacement one.  I took it out of the box and examined it.

It was flawed on the rim too!

I showed him and he went back and got another one.  The third one looked right.  Doesn't anyone look at this stuff?  Apparently not.  Except for me.

One good thing about the rain was that it revealed a leak in the roof.

Here's the leak in context:

I say it was good that the roof leaked only because you want those things to show up sooner, rather than later.  Finding out now is far, far better than finding out next summer.

Also, it was pretty obvious where it had leaked, which was good.  There was one spot on the roof, near where the door had still not been installed (much to my chagrin, can you tell?) where the roofer still needed to come back and wrap the roofing membrane around some wood parts that were exposed.   The exposed area was exactly above this leak, and we are pretty confident that this one vulnerable spot was where the water got through.

Then, today, tons of stuff happened, all at once.

The drywall installers showed up!  They started!  WooHoo!  They only worked about a half day, but got a lot done in that amount of time.  The sunroom is mostly done, and the kitchen is about half done.

And, I finally got those pesky remaining doors and windows installed.  The carpenter sent a couple of guys from his crew, and they installed them.  In the first pic below, you can see the front door and side light, and above it, the ones out to the balcony over the front door.

Here you can see the door to the rood deck above the sunroom, and its transom.

The drywall is really one of the most exciting parts, because you finally get to see the spaces enclosed and defined.  They drywall guys even got a little more done than I am showing you here, and I can't wait to see how far they get tomorrow.

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