Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 24: Sunday Evening, Weekend Update

Last time I checked in with y'all (actually, that's what they say in Atlanta.  Around here they say y'uns.  Sometimes I have no idea what people are even saying) was last Thursday evening.  A lot got done Friday too, and the crew is coming back to work tomorrow also.  They will be laboring on Labor Day.  That's their choice.  I'm happy about it.  We have rain in the forecast and doors that still need installation.

Almost all of the windows are in, except for 3 that were special order items (just because they were slightly odd-sized) and won't be here for about 2 more weeks. 

Friday night we had a particularly fiery sunset:

When I went inside, I had to use my flash, which is why these look a little weird from a lighting standpoint:

There is something about having the windows in that makes it finally start to feel like a house.

Here is the stack of leftover cut-off bits (a leftover cut-off bit is properly called a drop, btw) that I'm dying to turn into little tables and benches and things for the house.  Just give me a free afternoon to fire up my little welder, and I'll have groovy steel legs and such put together in no time.

We had a little rain late Friday afternoon, but it cleared up again by Saturday morning.

This morning I got a little quality time with the donkeys.  This is the first time they've gotten close enough to let me scratch their ears.  

I think that one on the left, above, is Fidgit.  The one on the right is Sully.  They are pretty charming, once you get used to them.  I no longer roll my eyes at their very existence.  Even if they are pretty smelly.

And, Paul and Todd have discovered Chauncey.

Chauncey just sits there in the opening to the hay loft, rubbing against the wood, doing the barn cat equivalent of, "neener neener neeeeenerrrrrr!"

P + T are adjusting quite well to farm living.  Here is Paul playing chase with Mercedes, one of the other dogs here:

I haven't seen him run like this in years!


Summary:  Things continue to go well.

This week: Waterproofing the roof decks, installing the last 3 doors, heating/AC installation, welding, and a special event at the end of the week that I'll tell you all about tomorrow!

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