Monday, August 30, 2010

OList Happy Hour Menu for Tuesday, August 31st

Tomorrow evening will mark our second OList Happy Hour, in our new series of semi-weekly Twitter Socials, for members and lurkers of the OLists.

This week's menu draws from the OGrownups and OBloggers lists.  Our theme is Blogging, Boundaries, and Sensitive Relationships.
This week's Appetizer:  If you are a blogging parent, how do you handle the issues that come up around blogging about your kids and family life?  Do you hold particular boundaries that dictate what you will and will not share on the blog, or do you take an "anything goes" approach?  Finally, have your boundaries or standards in this area changed or evolved over time, as your kids get older - or do you expect them to?
This week's Drink Special: Do you blog about your work and/or clients?  If so, are you up front about it, or do you keep it a deep dark secret?  Do you censor your content, or boldly speak what's on your mind, or some combination of the two?  What do you think about "telling all" while sanitizing the relevant identifying information?  Have you ever gotten in trouble with a client, co-worker, or employer over your blog's content?
Happy Hour takes place on Twitter from 9-10 p.m. Eastern, 6-7 p.m. Pacific.  Use the hashtag #OLists to identify your tweets as part of the Social, and join us!

New to Twitter?  Not sure how to get started?  We have a brief Twitter tutorial here.  

Want to read along in real time?  You can do that here.

The OLists Twitter Socials are hosted by @DianaHsieh, owner and inventor of the OLists, @laforgetm, aka William Green, and @Earl3d (that's me!)

Big thanks to @RationalJenn for helping come up with this week's topic!

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