Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 9: A Somewhat Slow Saturday

This morning Paul and Todd went to the vet for their lyme disease vaccinations.  The vet is about 45 minutes drive from here.  Mr. Client drove as he had to pick up his puppy, BeBop, a cute little Boston Terrier (aka little monster) who suffered a broken leg last week, the night I was in Atlanta.  She had to undergo surgery a couple days ago, and was just now coming home.

The veterinary facility we went to is very impressive.  It is out in the country, and they have the capacity to do surgeries on horses and such, right there on the premises.  Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain, so I couldn't really take any pictures.

They had some nifty benches in the waiting room, though, and I took some pictures of those.  The cool thing about the benches was that the seats are mounted on springs, so they bounced and rocked a little; a feature that I might just have to incorporate into an upcoming creation.

In other news, yesterday morning the farrier came and gave the horses pedicures.  The distinguishing characteristic about Ms. Client's horses is that they are all curly horses, and apparently curlies have extremely tough feet, and thus no need for shoes.  So, the farrier just trims and shapes their feet, cleaning them up, but doesn't put shoes on them.  Just when I went out to take photos of the farrier in action, my phone rang and I was tied up just long enough for them to finish without me.  I think they still have to come back for a couple of horses that didn't get farried (or whatever you call it that the farrier does when he's not really putting shoes on them) so I may get my pics yet.

After the farrier left, the farm dogs got a special treat:  they got to eat the trimmings.  Doesn't that just sound... um... just delicious?  So, Paul and Todd got to try the horses feet trimmings treats.

Todd snarfed his down really quickly.  He is aways a fast eater.

"Oh that was yummy! Can I have another?!"
Paul took his time.

"OmNomNom this is good!"

"Any more of those things around here?"

We keep getting intermittent showers and things are starting to get muddy.

This evening I took it upon myself to staple some plastic sheeting over a few of the larger window openings on the South side of the house, in an effort to help keep the rain out.  The roofs are on, and most of the house is wrapped in Tyvek (the white sheeting you see on the house in the pictures.)   This keeps out most of the rain, but the South side didn't get wrapped, and enough water has been coming in that I wanted to do something about it before Bob the Builder comes back on Monday.

The windows I covered are the large ones visible in this pic, taken this afternoon, before I covered them:

And then it was evening.  At night, the noise outside is cacophonous.  If you think it's quiet out in the country, think again.  It seems like most of the noise is from the frogs, but there are some rather loud crickets and other bugs as well.  The last couple of nights, there has been a frog at the window.  The light inside attracts bugs, and then the frog climbs up, sticks himself on the window glass, and eats from the buffet.

This coming week will probably continue to be on the slow side for the construction progress - at least at the beginning of the week.  By the end of the week, the specialty timbers that we dealt with yesterday will be delivered, and the framer will be back on the job.  Helping install that wood is the main thing I'm here for.  Then doors, windows and exterior siding, which will finally keep out the weather (and critters) allow them to start finishing up the interior.

So, I need to make the most of the coming week to finalize some of the interior design elements, such as the kitchen, fireplace, and bathrooms.  I'm excited about all of these things, and looking forward to this part of the process.

And, I need to get my welding shop up and running.  Then I can start making cool furniture for the place, utilizing some timber scraps and bits that I rescued and brought in out of the rain and mud this afternoon.  Perhaps even a bench on springs!  That's something I'm very, very excited about.


  1. My dogs have always loved the goats hooves you can buy at Petsmart. I don't love stepping on the remains in the middle of the night barefoot! lol!

  2. Hey Earl, great blog I really enjoy reading it! I'm from the south coast of England and we'd love to have that much land and space to do a similar project! enjoy and Merry Xmas! Nick

  3. Thanks for the nice comment, Nick! I never know if anyone ever goes back and reads these old posts, so I'm glad you're enjoying them. Cheers!