Monday, January 3, 2011

Tuesday Night OLists Happy Hour: Household Productivity

During last week's Happy Hour, while we were discussing goals and projects for the new year, a side conversation came up between some parents in the group.  It had to do with trying to be productive with repetitive household tasks and such, in order to leave more time for various projects and things that really matter.

There was some discussion of the Getting Things Done system, and then Rose remarked, "...I was wondering if support for organizing housework should be some threads on OProducers..or OGrownups...kind of an overlap."

That was when the lightbulb upstairs went on, alerting me that whenever there is talk of overlap between Olist groups, it's a topic that should be developed, dissected, and discussed in detail at Happy Hour.

And, the more I have thought about it since, I have realized that it's not just a topic for parents. Wouldn't everyone rather have the domestic chores dispensed with as efficiently as possible, leaving more time for the fun + meaningful things in life?

This week's Happy Hour Menu may have been inspired by an intersection between OGrownups and OProducers, but I think it has much wider application, and am really looking forward to discussing household organization and productivity on Tuesday night.

Appetizer:  What are the biggest challenges you face with regard to household chores? Is it carving out time? Soliciting cooperation from other members of the household? Prioritizing tasks? Something else?

Drink Special:  What methods or techniques for organizing or executing your household chores have been successful for you? What hasn't worked? At what point would it be worth it to hire help?  


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  1. Nice! Looking forward to it, if my household allows! :-)