Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tennessee House Update: Kitchen

Here we are, well into the New Year, and it's been far too long since I've updated anything on the status of the Tennessee House.  My last update was back in November.   In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, there wasn't a huge amount of activity on the project - and things progressed slowly over the holidays.  It has mainly been finishing up painting and trim on the inside, and also painting the outside.

One major component that got installed just before Thanksgiving was the kitchen cabinets.

I haven't shared many of my design drawings for this house on the blog, but I'll show you what I drew up for the kitchen, and then some pictures, courtesy of Ms. Client.

Here's the floor plan:

And the East elevation, to the right in the plan view:

The South elevation, at the bottom in the plan view:

And the West elevation, to the left in the plan:

And here are a few views of the empty space, before installation of the cabinets.  Here's a view from the mezzanine that shows the generous opening between the living room and the kitchen (at the far left):

This is looking straight at where the dining table will go.  You can see all the way through to the back door, with the barn in the background outside.  Just past where all that flooring is stacked, to the right, is the door into the giant pantry. (The pantry is at the very top in the floor plan above.)

And here we are standing in front of that pantry door, looking at the main area of the kitchen, with its fabulous view:

As we pan left, you see the view back across the living room, all the way out to the sun room...

...and on around to the rest of the living room and front door:

And here are the cabinets installed (photos courtesy of Ms. Client).  First we have the overall view.  The gap in the cabinets is where the dishwasher will go.

Moving around to the right, we have the tall cabinet where the oven and microwave will go.  Just to the left of that tall cabinet will be the cook top and stainless steel hood, and that wall will be covered with tile.

Further on around to the right, we have the tall display cabinet with glass doors, also waiting for its countertop.

And on the opposite side, next to the opening to the living room, is the refrigerator cabinet.  We had discussed having bookshelves, aka the 'cookbook library', where you see that tall, skinny cabinet to the left of the refrigerator compartment.  I had drawn the shelves on my plans (again, see above) but Mr. & Ms. Client changed their mind about this after I left town, and instructed the cabinetmakers otherwise.

There has been other progress, and I will roll out a few more updates soon.  The counter tops have been installed, and the steel railings at the living room mezzanine are about to go up as well.

The combination of the holidays plus an unusually heavy amount of snow has made progress very slow the past few weeks, but they are trying to get moved in soon, from what I've been told.  I have a feeling Ms. Client has her hands full taking care of her animals, what with all the bad weather, but I will continue to pester her (in the best sense, of course!) for more pictures.

I am also planning a trip back to the house myself, later this month or early next month, to take some pictures of the completed project.

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