Friday, January 14, 2011

Tennessee House Update: Railings Installed!

Last week the railings were delivered back to the site, having finally been powder coated.  The powder coating was an ordeal unto itself.

The powder coating shop I took them to, back in October, was 25 miles away in another town.  The proprietor of that establishment (if you can call it that) left them sitting in his shop untouched, shut the door, disconnected the phone, and ceased operations one day, without warning.  There they sat, languishing, for several weeks.  Finally, Bob the Builder (our contractor) realized what had happened, interviewed the neighboring business owners, tracked him down, and got the unfinished railings back.  Three cheers for Bob the Builder!

A couple weeks ago, we found a reputable shop further away, in Maryville, Tennessee, and they seem to have done a good job, at least from what I can tell by these pictures:

This morning, I got a teaser photo from Ms. Client of the railings installed:

Makes me very excited to go see them in person!


  1. Yikes. Glad you were able to get them back. Was this the same powder coater who did a poor job with the beam brackets?

  2. @Tom: No, it wasn't the same shop. He seemed trustworthy and reliable when I dropped off the railings, but sometimes it's just hard to tell.