Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Night OLists Happy Hour: Completing Projects & Setting Goals for 2011

Last week at the OLists Happy Hour, we had a rousing and fun discussion of everyone's achievements, looking back over 2010. 

In fact, it was so much fun, that I want to open this week's discussion to anyone who didn't get the opportunity last week. Feel free to join in and tell your achievements alongside our discussion of goals for the New Year.  Read about last weeks menu here.

For those who had their fill of retrospectivity last week, let's look ahead to next year:

Appetizer:  Looking ahead to 2011, what are some big (or small) projects that you currently have underway, that you anticipate completing in the new year?  What current project are you the most excited about wrapping up and why?

Drink Special:  What are some new goals are you setting for 2011?  Which of those are you most excited about?  What impact do you expect the completion of these goals will have on your life?


Happy Hour takes place every Tuesday night, from 9-10 p.m. Eastern and 6-7 p.m. Pacific, at the new OList Chatroom.  Check your OList email for the login and password.

For more info on the OLists, check out the OList Events page here.

Your hosts for the OList Socials are @DianaHsieh@laforgetm (aka William Green) and myself, @Earl3d

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