Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Night OLists Happy Hour: Philosophy & Career

I am in the process of developing a talk that I will present next month in Denver, for Front Range Objectivism, as part of their Front Range Objectivism Supper Talks (FROST) series.

The title of my talk is "Ideas in Architecture" and the theme is how French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc's theories influenced Louis Sullivan (and the Chicago School in general) who in turn influenced Frank Lloyd Wright and all of modern architecture.  So, I have been immersed in the philosophical nuts and bolts, so to speak, of my profession.  

It's not stuff that I think about all the time as I go through my day, but it is crucially important as part of my background context for my work.  And, as I review the material, some of which I read years ago, and some of which is new to me, I am struck at how the Objectivist philosophical context that I hold, even further back in my background context, gives me a frame of reference that makes this course of study much, much more clear and understandable than any of the architectural theory books I read during graduate school.

This has me wondering, do other Objectivists have a similar experience of the relationship between their philosophy and their work?

Appetizer:  Has your study of, or the application of Objectivism to your life influenced the way you view and/or go about your work?  Has Objectivism influenced either your career choice, or your internal context for your work?

Drink Special:  Does your profession have a specific body of philosophy or theory?  If so, how do you relate it to Objectivism?  If not, should it have one?  For the philosophers in the room, what led you to decide to make a full study of philosophy itself?

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