Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Night OLists Happy Hour: Where Do You Get Your News?

Turns out there has been a trending topic lurking all around me this week, just waiting to be written up as a Happy Hour Menu for tonight's OLists Twitter Happy Hour.  Fortunately my subconscious finally sent it on up to my conscious brain just in time!

Earlier in the week I watched Citizen Kane on TCM for the first time in years (probably over a decade) (I couldn't help but think a lot about Gail Wynand, having watched The Fountainhead again relatively recently, too.)

Then the subject came up in last Sunday's brunch, of creating a new website that would be a clearing house for general news & information about what's going on in the Objectivist movement.  It generated a good amount of interest among the Brunchers.

Today, there was an interesting blog post by Danielle Morrill, Who's Actually Getting Read in Objectivism (Online).  She mentions several websites that I had never heard of, and gives some very interesting statistics.  It's a great read, and you should go check it out (after you finish reading this post, of course.)

Which leads us to our topics of discussion for tonight:

Appetizer:  Where do you get your news?  Internet?  TV?  Old-fashioned paper?  Do you bother?

Drink Special:  Where do you get your news about what's going on in Objectivism (besides facebook friends and twitter?)  This is where it might be useful to check out Danielle's post, as it seemed to be a pretty comprehensive list.

Happy Hour will take place from 9-10 p.m. Eastern and 6-7 p.m. Pacific, on Twitter.

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  1. Hey Earl, I'm glad you liked the post and maybe you found some good new sites to check out. Creating a clearinghouse site would be interesting, and relatively easy to start... I've been considering it.

    How does the happy hour work, is there a hashtag?

  2. The Happy Hour grew out of Diana Hsieh's OLists -


    It's basically a hashtag conversation using #OLists. Join us! We also have brunch on Sundays, on no specific topic. Happy Hour topic (the Menu) is posted here weekly.