Tuesday, October 26, 2010

800 Miles in 14 Hours

That pretty much sums up today.

We left Russellville, Arkansas at about 8 this morning, and pulled into Albuquerque at a little past 9.

I think I'm just really ready to be home at this point, and was pretty motivated once I realized that I could get close enough tonight to make it the rest of the way with one long day tomorrow.  The dogs were doing really well too, sleeping for the most part, so I just kept going.

There wasn't a ton of picture taking today, but there were a few interesting things that we saw.

Just after we pulled out of Russellville, we passed a cooling tower, so I'm guessing there is a nuclear plant there.

Once we hit Oklahoma (don't you just want to break out singing?!) the landscape really flattened out.

There were some ominous clouds but we didn't drive through any rain.

Later on, in the very Western part of Texas, there were some cool tractors and farm implements on display at a little town we stopped at for gas...

... as well as this old, falling-down filling station, which I really liked for its two-story outdoor room:

And lastly, this abandoned box car, which just had the most gorgeous, rich yellow color, accented by the orange of the rust, and all set against the blue sky, with the sun getting low in the West...

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  1. That's Arkansas Nuclear One, the only nuclear power plant in the state. Only one of the two PWR reactors uses the cooling tower. The other dumps heat directly into the nearby lake.