Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 1: Long Day's Journey

Today was Day 1.

The Dogs and I are driving from L.A. to somewhere in East Tennessee, to work on the Tennessee House for the next few (several?) weeks.  Today was our first day on the road, and all in all, it went really very smoothly.

We got away at around 10:30, ran into a little traffic on the 15 North, which is typical, and then things went pretty well from there.

Paul checks out the scene while we wait in traffic.

Finally we got to the split where the 15 goes North to Vegas and the 40 goes East, to Tennessee!  The last time I was at this juncture, I went the other way, to OCON.  Now I take the Eastern Route.  What adventures will lie in store on this trip?

Hmmm, this is a tough choice.

We saw these cool old modern picnic pavilions at a rest stop in the High Desert.  I wish they hadn't added those ugly fences between the stone piers.  They really disrupt the sculptural purity of the structure.  I'm sure they were added later.

"Nobody speaks of pavilions any more...

...and that truly saddens me."

Then we watched the scenery go from deserty...

Windshield Cam, somewhere in the high desert 

to green...
Pit stop, somewhere in Arizona

to Grand Canyony:

We didn't stop, although I would have liked to,
but we have places to be!

Along the way, we also stopped at Needles and got our feet wet in the Colorado River, at the Needles Marina.  No kidding, they actually have a marina at Needles, California.  Who knew?  Paul splashed right in, but Todd needed a little encouraging.  It was a nice break from the road.

From then on, things were uneventful until we hit really bad traffic around Flagstaff at 7:00-ish.  It seemed to be caused by construction.  That put the kabosh on my hopes of making Gallup, New Mexico the first night.  We sat there for about 45 minutes and went all of about 3 miles.  Paul liked it because it meant I could roll down his window.

You could actually smell the pine in the air.

Today we made it as far as Winslow, Arizona, where I sit writing this.

That wraps up Day 1.  I plan on making much more use of the blog to document this trip than I have been lately, so stay tuned for more updates from the road!

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  1. Standing on the corner, in Winslow, Arizona,
    Such a fine sight to see,
    There's Earl, my Lord, in a flat bed Ford,
    On his way to Knoxville, Tennessee.