Friday, November 12, 2010

Tennessee House: Fireplace & Stone Wall

Finally, I have a great excitement to report from the construction site in Tennessee!

Since I left, they have laid flooring, and worked on the painting, which is all important work and nice and all, but there hasn't been anything as exciting as the massive beam framing and steel welding and all that was happening before.  Until this week, that is.  Over the past few days as they have been working on the fireplace.   

You may recognize the mantle from that day a couple months ago when I rejected one of the beams.  Well, the ugly duckling beam has transformed into one beautiful swan of a fireplace mantle.  

Here it is, before they installed the stone:


And here it is with stone installed:

But that's not all!  Mr. and Ms. Client decided to go for the GUSTO and have stone put on the front of the house as well, and I am thrilled with this decision and the resulting ... results:

Doesn't that stone just dress the front of the house right up?  The architect is most pleased!

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