Friday, November 19, 2010

OLists Socials Venue Change

The OLists Social Committee is excited to announce a venue change for the future of the weekly #OLists Twitter Socials.  Our Sunday Brunch and Tuesday night Happy Hour will no longer be held on Twitter, but on a special chat client, located at:

The page is password protected, and the login and password will be announced on the OLists.  You can log in really easily through Facebook, and the chatroom that Diana has set up is really easy to use.

And, the OLists chat room is open 24/7, so should you wander in there at any time during the week, you might find some other OList friends there to chat with.

Not subscribed to any of the OLists?  Want more info?  Check out for descriptions of all the lists.  Many of the lists are open to non-Objectivist lurkers, and lurkers are welcome to participate in the weekly socials.

See you Sunday morning on the chat!

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