Thursday, June 17, 2010

Raw Milk Event Rescheduled and I Can't Go :(

Great news from the folks over at my favorite local paleo foodsource, Figueroa Produce. The Raw Milk Event has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 17th, at 5:30 p.m.

The not-so-great news is that it looks like I will not be able to attend. I am very disappointed, not only because I wanted to see the presentation myself and taste the samples, but also because my earlier post on the event seemed to generate some real interest, both over at Modern Paleo and on the OEvolve Google group.  I hate disappointing my gentle readers.

Then I had a great idea this morning at the gym. (I do some of my best thinking at the gym, and am planning a whole blog post on why I think that is. Stay tuned.) The idea I had is to get a guest blogger to cover the event for Creatures of Prometheus! How cool is that?! So, I'm putting it out there. If you would like to cover the Raw Milk Presentation for C of P, and have your guest post appear here (and probably over at Modern Paleo also, although I have to check with the admins over there before I can promise anything) please email me thru (my first name)DOT(my last name)AT gmail DOT com.  You don't particularly need to have your own blog or any blogging experience per se.

I have a few specific questions I wanted to ask at the Q&A session, which I would like to have addressed by my correspondent, and I also want the post to have pictures. I would be more than happy to help with resizing, editing etc. of the photos if that's not in your bag of tricks.

Also, I would prefer to have someone who shares either (or preferibly both) my Objectivist and/or Paleo views of things in general.

So, if you can attend, take some pictures, ask some questions, and write up a short report, please be in touch!

In other related raw milk news, Fig Produce has expanded their product line to include Caravale Farms raw Jersey milk and cream:

Pure, Raw Jersey Milk - Mmmmmm

I have had milk from jersey cows before, and I can tell you that if you like milk, you haven't lived until you try pure Jersey Milk.  I don't know what those jersey cows have going on that makes their milk so delicious, but it is definitely an experience!  That, combined with this milk being raw, makes this stuff a true delicacy.

And, as an aside, it's a true delicacy that you won't find at that big expensive national organic supermarket chain store that no longer sells raw milk, for reasons completely unrelated to the wholesomeness of the product, and in spite of the growing demand for it as more and more people realize how much better it is for you than regular milk.

Raw Cream, how great is that?

Raw Butter too!

In addition to the Claravale Farms products, they have expanded their Organic Pastures section as well (those are the folks who are presenting on the 17th.) Now they have raw butter, raw cheese (which you can see the edge of in the cream photo above) and I think a few other things I'm forgetting about.

Also, the produce at Figueroa Produce has been particularly lovely lately.  These chiogga beets were so beautiful I hated to cut them up and eat them!

Who knew beets would be so photogenic?!

All I did was coat them in olive oil and roast them for about 45 minutes at about 350, stirring and turning them about every 15 minues or so.  I think I covered the pan with foil also, to help keep the moisture in.

Here they are with the sea bass they shared the oven with.  The sea bass was drizzled with the juice of a grapefruit I picked from my own tree, as well as olive oil, and then baked.  The beets took longer to bake than the sea bass.

This was a pretty good pairing, and the sea bass was quite affordable at only about $3.59 a pound.  The beet greens got cut up and mixed in with lettuce for salad.  They were slightly firm, almost like spinach, but not at all tough.  They could be served sauteed, but I think they were delicious raw.

Good stuff!

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