Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glider Update

It has been way too long since I have posted on my latest and greatest creation in the welding shop, The Glider.  In truth, it isn't really my latest creation in the sense that I have made some other smaller things lately, but those were more like quick exercises that didn't require huge amounts of thinking and figuring out.

For example, I took this plant stand, of which I made several a couple of years ago, and added this cylinder on top of it:

a little tack weld on the three points where the
cylinder touches the legs

add some gravel so the dirt doesn't fall through

and made a planter which now sits in my front yard like this:

For me, that wasn't really a new idea (but I really like it!)

I also welded up some raised garden boxes that are now nicely housing some tomato and pepper plants along the driveway, which will hopefully have a blog post of their own soon.

These easy projects give the glider time to marinate a bit in my subconscious brain.  But I have been working on it, bit by bit.

At the point these were taken, the seat frame is mostly done, but the wooden seat and back are just sitting in place and need more supporting steel to be welded in.  Also, I welded extensions onto the arms, bringing them forward a few inches.  I think this really helps the proportions.

Here is a side view.  You can see the bright spot where I welded the extensions to the armrests.

The lighter colored metal shaped like an "I" is the base that will support the bench off the ground and allow it to glide.  Here I demonstrate where the connecting rods will attach:

I had it this far but wasn't exactly sure of the best way to connect the rod ends to the piece.  Then, while working out at the gym one morning, I looked up and realized that the machine I was using had the exact same type of linkage!  Theirs was bolted into a female-threaded sleeve.  Genius!  Simple!  Easy!  Their bolts weren't very elegant looking but I knew where to get some more attractive ones.

Upper linkage

Lower linkage

I rushed home and ordered some coupling nuts and hex bolts from my bff McMaster-Carr.  I love those guys.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, although still a work-in-progress, I proudly present my glider, gliding:

I'm not particularly crazy about the noise, and I'm going to have to work on that.  I think I'll try graphite lubricant first.  But, if it's going to squeak, I suppose I could be doing a lot worse than the sound of a cello repeatedly playing a low 'E'

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