Sunday, November 6, 2011

RIP Todd, 2003-2011

I am very sad to report that earlier today, Todd lost his battle with a malignant nerve sheath tumor that had been aggressively growing on his left hind leg.

Todd was rescued in January of 2004 as a six-month-old puppy, when he came to live with Paul (his brother) and me.

Todd seemed pretty clearly to have a good percentage of Plott Hound in him, as you can tell by looking at the photos in the link.  Plotts are native to North Carolina, and hardly anyone here in L.A. has heard of them.  When we were in Tennessee last summer, however, he was regularly recognized as a Plott by local folk who knew of the breed.

Here are some pictures from our 8 years together. I have picked out the ones that I think show the best things about him, that I want to remember the most. Click on any to embiggen.


  1. Great pictures. I remember when you brought Todd home. What a good boy. xoxo

  2. hey, there, Tres and Paul.....I am a friend of Leigh' looks like you and Paul cherished have fulfilled your highest purpose....

  3. Awh. This made my eyes water a little. I hope you and Paul are doing okay. Remember that time you stated they both hopped in your truck and wouldn't get out? You were so lucky you had the keys, otherwise they might have driven away. Oh, thinking of that imagery made my eyes water more.

    Do well Earl. Paul is still a value here and now, and you have the comfort knowing Todd passed under a loving parent.