Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tennessee House Fireplace

Like the rest of the Tennessee House, the fireplace is simultaneously a bit traditional and a bit contemporary.

The stone is local sandstone, from the nearby Cumberland Plateau.  It is the same stone that we used on the exterior of the house.

For the wooden mantle, we used a beam that was installed as part of the exposed mezzanine structure before I arrived on site, but which I then rejected for quality purposes.  I made the framing crew build temporary supports, cut the beam out, and install its replacement.  You can read that story here.

Here is the replacement beam as it looks today:

Another thing I am particularly fond of is the wooden box that supports the TV.  I had them make it out of surplus planks from the mezzanine floor.  It nicely solves the problem of 'what to do with the TV' while tying back into the material palette of the rest of the house.

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