Monday, May 30, 2011

Amusing UK Signage Graphics Part I: Moving About

A couple of years ago, whilst in the UK, I encountered a number of don't-go-here, stop-or-you'll-get-hurt, type of signs that I found particularly charming.  The style of these graphics is amusing to me simply because they just somehow seem so, well, polite compared to their US counterparts.  In other cases, they seem to just have a sense of style that indicates someone, somewhere, put that little extra effort into making them look just so.

I just now realized I have too many of them to blow on one blog post, so this will be the first of 3 in a series.  Here we go!

I love how she holds his hand. 

You may encounter flamboyant personages
as they sashay about the vicinity.

Take your flamboyant personage elsewhere
if you intend to sashay about.
(Notice how the pose of the figure is
identical, save for the arm.)


One could almost read this as "No Stopping!"

Do you notice this sort of thing when you travel, or is it just me?

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