Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why I am Attending the Israel Solidarity Rally Today

In the aftermath of the whole Gaza flotilla event the other week, we have seen virtually every government and major media outlet condemn Israel for defending herself, portraying her as the aggressor, with poor little Gaza, controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas, presented as the victim.

This is all such utter nonsense, that I have a hard time even knowing where to begin, to organize my thoughts.

Israel is our only true ally in the Middle East, and the only country with a legitimate government (legitimate in the sense that they respect the rule of law and the rights of their citizens.) There they sit, surrounded by armed bands of thugs, which are all themselves masquerading as legitimate nations, and all of whom have a sworn agenda to destroy Israel.

Israel has every right to blockade Gaza (they have every right to go a lot further than that.)  Hamas has sworn to destroy Israel.  Letting even so-called 'humanitarian' supplies reach Gaza would be to empower Israel's destroyers.  Yet, the world would rather have Israel lay down and allow themselves to be destroyed.  This disgusts me.

If you want to witness the naked hatred of Hamas towards Israel, watch this fascinating (and horrifying) 3 1/2 minute video wherein David Horowitz has a brief Q&A session with a female Muslim student at UCSD.  By the way, I agree 100% with Diana Hsieh's assessment of that exchange, and of what should be done with that student (click the link to read her setup and see the embedded video.)

Also of interest are this article from the New York Post on Turkey's role in the flotilla and its larger ambitions;

this article from the Palestinian Media Watch on the hoped-for martyrdom of the flotilla participants;

and this from Daniel Pipes on the subject, which, in the comments section, has this superb remark from Ed Cline, titled Delegitimizing self-defense.  If you only read one link from this post, go straight for Mr. Cline's.

So, I am attending the Israel Solidarity Rally today, to proudly stand with Israel and her right to self-defense.  Anti-Semitism is alive and well, and on the rise; those who would wipe out first Israel, then the rest of  Western Civilization, and impose Sharia law on all of us, are numerous and insidious.

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  1. Very well said. I am in complete agreement. Reminds me of Edmund Burke's words: "All that is required for evil [Muslim militancy] to triumph in the world is for good men [Israel and the West] to do nothing."